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Department of Women's Studies

Department of Women's Studies

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Students Recognized at Annual Awards Ceremony

On Wednesday, April 29, 2015, thirteen undergraduate students were inducted into Triota (the Penn State Academic Women's Studies Honor Society) and seven undergraduate and graduate students were recognized for their academic excellence and accomplishments:

Triota Inductions and

Presentation of Undergraduate Student Awards

by Mindy Boffemmyer,

Lecturer and Women’s Studies Undergraduate Director:

Undergraduates inducted into the Women’s Studies Honor Society, Iota Iota Iota:

Tatyana Bonds, Bethany Bowser, Chelsea Capps, Naomi Clouden, Antonella Crescimbeni, Hanna DeMarte, Amanda Goldberg, Megan Lamb, Rudi Laudenslager, Chelsea McGhee, Alexis Scott, Hannah Sterner, Madeline White

Triota inductees


The Mimi Barash Coppersmith Endowed                          The Laura Richardson Whitaker Memorial

Scholarship in Women’s Studies:                                     Award in Women’s Studies:

Mindy Boffemmyer and Melissa McCleery                                          Mindy Boffemmyer and Molly Dilts            
Melissa McCleery, Senior, Majoring in                      Molly Dilts, Senior, Majoring in
Women’s Studies, Political Science and                       Women's Studies, and Communications
Spanish                                                                    Arts and Sciences


The Mimi Barash Coppersmith Endowed                         

Scholarship Outstanding Undergraduate                                    


Mindy Boffemmyer and Olivia Pecora                                          Mimi Barash Coppersmith            
Olivia Pecora, Junior, Majoring in                                    Mimi Barash Coppersmith with
Women’s Studies and Sociology with a                              Melissa McCleery and Olivia Pecora
certificate in Crime, Law, and Society                                                                  



Presentation of Graduate Student Awards

by Dr. Lise Nelson,

Women’s Studies Graduate Director:

Laura Richardson Whitaker Memorial Graduate Fund in Women's Studies:

(two winners)

Lise Nelson and Maria del Rosario Castro Bernardini                                          Lise Nelson and Aparna Parikh    
Maria del Rosario Castro Bernardini,                                    Aprana Parikh, Dual Ph.D. Candidate
Ph.D. Candidate in Rural Sociology and                                      in Geography and Women's Studies

Women's Studies      


Sara Woods Graduate Fund in Women's                     Sara Woods Graduate Fund in Women's
Studies:  Outstanding Graduate Student:              Studies:  Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor:

Lise Nelson and Laura Sapelly                                          Lise Nelson and Emma Gaalaas Mullaney            
Laura Sapelly, Dual Ph.D. Candidate in                                    Emma Gaalaas Mullaney, Dual Ph.D.
Art Education and Women’s Studies                                          Candidate in Geography and Women's